Building Your Facility’s Budget

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Allocating for a routine maintenance program impacts the longevity of your building’s architectural finishes – and protects your investment. SOLID’s maintenance plan helps prevent the need for full-on restoration. We design and implement proactive plans of ongoing maintenance to ensure a constant level of positive appearance over time, and an extended useful life.


Three Commercial Concrete Flooring Myths

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Today’s savvy facilities manager is choosing high performance concrete flooring as the preferred material in industrial and commercial spaces as it’s relatively easy to maintain, especially compared to alternative options. Because these areas see a great deal of foot traffic, however, the challenge becomes how to properly clean and maintain it. Here are three commonly … 

A Solution for Substrate Difficulties

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If you are building new construction or involved in a project which includes limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, plaster, terra cotta, concrete, mortar or brick, then there may be a perfect new solution for you. Prosoco’s new, powerful cleaning solution, Enviro Klean DriKlean, is great for your next job. It is designed for interior spaces where …