Caring for Unglazed Ceramic Tile

Caring for Unglazed Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a popular material often found on the floors and walls of bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Because it is porous, caring for ceramic tile requires deep cleaning into the pores of the tile. A surface clean will not be sufficient for proper long-term maintenance.  Glazed ceramic tile is less susceptible to staining than unglazed tile due to a lower porosity, but also require a deeper cleaning periodically to remove contaminates that are left behind from general housekeeping processes. 

Proactively Prevent Tile Staining

Staining is a common but avoidable issue for unglazed ceramic tile surfaces. A deep forensic clean, followed by the application of an impregnating sealer, will prevent staining on absorptive tile. While an impregnating sealer will not make the tile stain-proof, it will help aid with avoiding damage by allowing janitorial staff to clean spills before the tile is stained.

Maintain Grout to Protect Against Water Damage

Beyond the surface, take a close look at the grout in between ceramic tiles. Missing, cracked or damaged grout makes tile vulnerable to water exposure. In high-rise buildings, for instance, water could leak to floors below and weaken the integrity of the setting material for the tile. Tiles can loosen from the thinset that was applied when it was installed, causing delamination. a hollow sound when the tile is walked on is an indication of delamination or other setting failure. If left untreated, the tile will eventually bow and crack. The tile’s appearance will suffer and, more importantly, result in costly replacements and safety risks.

A comprehensive, routine surface care plan from SOLID will ensure ceramic tile and grout – and all of your facility’s surfaces – are properly maintained to maximize the life of your investments. Talk to a SOLID Solutionist today.


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SOLID's specialized surface care and facility management services include:

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