Grinding with Stone, Diamond, or Silicone Carbide

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There seems to be endless methods to care for highly polished stone. One of these endless methods is grinding. There are actually three main methods of grinding: grinding with stone abrasives, diamond, or silicone carbide disk. Each is similar in concept but very different in materials used, results, costs, and time. Grinding with Stone Stone … 

Proven Methods of Restoring Marble and Granite Floors

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Early in the 1980s the use of diamond- tipped saws and high-technology quarrying methods once again made marble and granite an affordable and prestigious building material in the United States. With its renewed popularity, however, a new set of problems has developed for building owners, managers, architects, and janitorial service companies. Proper maintenance and restoration …

The Natural Selection in Stone

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Stone floors made of marble, granite or limestone are huge investments. When such floors are damaged by improper cleaning, the restoration costs can break a facility manager’s budget. Therefore, it’s essential for distributors to teach customers how to maintain this unique type of flooring. Buildings have increased their use of stone floors over the past … 

Quarrying Affects Maintenance of Stone

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Phil Calabritto is the president of American Stone & Maintenance, of Charlotte, NC, a company which specializes in stone restoration, maintenance, supplies, and repairs. Originally, the company was a divsion of a contract cleaning service, and two years ago AS&M became an independent entity. Since then, the company has doubled its size, expanding its original …


Three Commercial Concrete Flooring Myths

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Today’s savvy facilities manager is choosing high performance concrete flooring as the preferred material in industrial and commercial spaces as it’s relatively easy to maintain, especially compared to alternative options. Because these areas see a great deal of foot traffic, however, the challenge becomes how to properly clean and maintain it. Here are three commonly … 

A Solution for Substrate Difficulties

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If you are building new construction or involved in a project which includes limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, plaster, terra cotta, concrete, mortar or brick, then there may be a perfect new solution for you. Prosoco’s new, powerful cleaning solution, Enviro Klean DriKlean, is great for your next job. It is designed for interior spaces where …