Tips on Protecting Your Facility Floors this Winter

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While most everyone can agree that there are plenty of great things to look forward to during the holiday season, it’s all-too-common knowledge that the festive time of year also naturally brings with it a host of weather-related obstacles and difficulties. As anyone who has spent significant time living in cold weather knows well, though, …

How to Prevent the Hazards of Hard Surface Floors with Simple Floor Maintenance

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Hard surface floors in all kinds of finishes can be beautiful statement features in any facility, but they can also be potentially hazardous. Get the floor wet or fail to remove all the soapy residue from its surface after a cleaning and suddenly your floor can become a danger zone. According to statistics from the …

SOLID Introduces State of the Art Account Management System, ES4U

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Even in 2015 it can be difficult to find companies dedicated both to restoration and high-quality customer service. With SOLID you’re guaranteed both, as well as an introduction to the world of high-tech account management. Believe us when we say it’s one of those things you wonder how you ever lived without once you’ve experienced …

Concrete Floors are the New Frontier

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Who would’ve thought the hottest new thing in flooring would be concrete? Although stained concrete floors are only just now becoming popular, they’re causing quite a lot of excitement. Not only is stained or polished concrete an absolutely beautiful option for high-traffic spaces, it’s also incredibly durable, hypo-allergenic, and a breeze to clean. Stained concrete … 


Three Commercial Concrete Flooring Myths

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Today’s savvy facilities manager is choosing high performance concrete flooring as the preferred material in industrial and commercial spaces as it’s relatively easy to maintain, especially compared to alternative options. Because these areas see a great deal of foot traffic, however, the challenge becomes how to properly clean and maintain it. Here are three commonly … 

A Solution for Substrate Difficulties

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If you are building new construction or involved in a project which includes limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, plaster, terra cotta, concrete, mortar or brick, then there may be a perfect new solution for you. Prosoco’s new, powerful cleaning solution, Enviro Klean DriKlean, is great for your next job. It is designed for interior spaces where …