Prepare Natural Stone Flooring for Winter Weather Events

Prepare Natural Stone Flooring for Winter Weather Events

Preparing natural stone flooring for winter weather starts outside of a facility’s doors. First, it’s important to know the difference between common deicers and salts used for snow and ice – many of which can damage stone. Avoid costly restorations and/or replacements by using a high quality deicer known as Calcium Magnesium Acetate. This alternative salt is less damaging to stone, terrazzo and masonry surfaces and is also more environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and biodegradable.  

In addition to using the proper ice melt chemistry, it is important to properly and proactively maintain flooring surfaces during winter weather events. The cleaning specifications below can help maintenance staff properly clean stone flooring. 

  1. At least 25 feet of walk-on entrance mats should be placed prior to a winter weather event. 
  2. Sweep all visible ice melt granules before performing any type of cleaning. 
  3. Clean floors with an automatic scrubber and a stone-specific cleaner with white pads attached, followed by a finishing damp mopping with a clean mop head. 
  4. If an automatic scrubber is not available, heavily wet mop floors and wet dry vacuum afterwards.  
    1. Use large amounts of clean, plain water.
    2. Never use this mop head on clean areas of the floor – it will only spread the ice melt.
  5. If the cleaning methods above are unable to be performed, wet mopping is not as effective as wet dry vacuum methods, but much better than doing nothing at all. Water must be changed frequently or it will spread the ice melt residue over a larger area.
  6. Removal of snow and ice from the entrance area is preferable. If ice is not removed, a daily heavy cleaning will be necessary until it is removed.
  7. After the need for ice melt is gone, clean the exterior entrance to remove as much ice melt residue as possible. Water and rain will keep the residue on stone floors and will require heavy cleaning.
  8. Entrance rugs should be removed and cleaned daily when possible. Rugs hold ice melt and can spread residue for weeks.
  9. When all excess ice melt is removed, use a clean pad, slow-speed machine and a wet dry vacuum. It is important all ice melt has been removed first and only white residue remains. An auto-scrubber will work, but the cleaning solution should be put down first, using large amounts of water. Clean with the vacuum off, then vacuum the water and cleaner. One pass generally will not be enough. Change pads often.
  10. Wet clean all exterior walkways as soon as ice is melted to avoid ice melt residue from being tracked onto floors, and to keep floors from becoming slippery and damaged.
  11. Dispose of old mop heads, dirty pads, etc. Don’t use in other areas, ever.
  12. Call your SOLID surface care Solutionist with any questions or problems and to arrange post-weather cleaning of your stone floors.

SOLID is a national organization that services clients consistently whoever and wherever they are. From airports to schools, retail outlets to corporate headquarters and national government buildings, we offer the cleanest clean and the most advanced cleaning solutions available.

SOLID's company-owned locations include: Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, CA; Washington, DC and Northern VA; Greenville-Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston, SC; and South Florida and Miami, FL; Huntsville and Birmingham, AL. Additional SOLID team headquarters around the country: Omaha, NE; St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Fairfield, NJ; Elmsford and New York, NY; and Atlanta, GA.

For more information about SOLID, please call 844-2-B-SOLID / (844) 227-6543, email or visit


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