SOLID Surface Care, Inc. Is Expanding

SOLID Surface Care, Inc. Is Expanding

Over the past 20 years, we have listened and responded to the needs of our clients on a local, regional and national scale. We have diversified our offerings and expanded locations to find solutions – but recognize there is more work to be done to truly meet the demands of a changing industry. 

The need for one organization to provide self-performed services for all hard and soft surfaces on a national scale, with consistent performance and results, has been apparent for some time. We took inventory and concluded that we know great organizations and people – professionals known in their respective regions for offering outstanding surface care. We are bringing these resources together in strategic locations to create an owned network of professionals to deliver expertly performed care for every surface, in every location.

SOLID’s footprint is expanding in California, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama and Georgia in early 2018. Over the next few years, we will add additional strategic locations to offer total national coverage for consolidated specialty services.

The name change is part of an overall rebranding that you’ll be hearing and seeing more about in the coming months.  As SOLID Surface Care, Inc., we look forward to continuing to serve you in a way that lives up to our name.

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