Savvy global business people like you appreciate the value of investment in design. Your high-quality materials bring your vision to life and reflects your principles, all while attracting top talent, which in turn helps your company provide value for your customers. So let SOLID be the next step in your design process. We will create you a world-class care and maintenance program aligned with craftsmanship, experience, innovation, and service.

Solid is a vital link in your design scheme. Achieve continuity and investment protection through a proactive maintenance plan from the experts at SOLID.


To every member of our team, innovation doesn’t just mean finding the most effective method for the job. It also includes caring for the planet, building relationships, and thoughtfully training solutionists who will care for your space the right way.


Innovation is what drives us. We never stop searching for the most effective and sustainable methods to better serve you.

We apply this philosophy to our in-depth research into the best products, methods, and systems for hard-surface care.


We build relationships across town and around the globe, all while holding ourselves, our services, our products, and our network to the highest possible standards.

That commitment to excellence makes us knowledgeable solutionists and expert craftsmen, and it’s also helped us build strong relationships with loyal customers.


Supported by our innovative training techniques, apprentices learn traditional skills and contemporary care methods from master craftsmen.

The whole team works together to manage the process, ensuring the highest possible quality for every job, from routine cleaning to restoration, repair, and enhancement.


We're passionate about doing the right things for you, and for the planet. That's why we use only the most sustainable products and methods available. We helped pioneer green care solutions for carpet, textiles, stone and metal, reaching environmental standards that others didn't think were possible. SOLID is committed to helping your company enjoy the benefits of a green workplace: from an enhanced image to healthier, more productive employees.

We believe that innovation means constantly searching for the newest, most effective products and methods to care for your space, and to care for the environment. Because your team of architects and designers delivered a green space, SOLID is committed to maintaining the same clean and green feeling you and your team experienced on the day you moved in. Our commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible practices is long-standing and heartfelt.

Solid’s efforts include:

  • Aligning with the greenest chemistries available

  • Innovating the most sustainable methods and practices in an industry where they do not exist

  • Lowest VOC products

  • Package and product recycling

  • Extension of useful product life for all the surfaces

  • Reduced resource consumption

  • Lower landfill impact



At SOLID, we're not just craftsmen, consultants, and project managers — we're solutionists. We strive to instill our philosophy in the next generation of highly trained craftsmen, project managers, and relationship builders. It's our job to take problems off your plate, and we’re poised to handle whatever comes our way.

We don't just create the solution to your problem— we own it. And in an industry where innovations are not the norm, our drive goes beyond searching for the best products and methods to care for your space— it extends through every customer interaction. SOLID offers unrivaled customer care and global account service, combined with the most advanced technology and most client-friendly management processes in our industry. Our best-in-class facility assessment methods, repair and restoration solutions, and follow-up service give you professional, responsible project management from start to gleaming finish. Every obstacle is a challenge waiting for a solution, and you can always trust in SOLID to find the route to get you where you want to go.

When you work with SOLID, you can count on:

  • Over 35 years of experience of specialty hard and soft surface care

  • Expert account management

  • Consulting services for all types of flooring

  • Enterprise Solutions Data Management (ES4U)

  • Global, national, and local program development

  • Research into state-of-the-art surface-care systems, methods, and products with every contract



Solid’s pricing is comparable, but our service isn't. From stone to metal to carpet, SOLID has your cleaning needs covered. Because we offer a full suite of innovative solutions, we can restore, repair, and enhance the performance and aesthetics of all your hard and soft surfaces— bundle them together and save.

Fiscal responsibility doesn't just mean spending less— it also means investing in the long-term care and performance of your facility. And if your space isn't cleaned right the first time, it's going to have to be cleaned again and again— and those costs add up. Not just in financial terms, but also in lost productivity and increased environmental impact. Our competitive pricing gives you the very best value for your maintenance dollar, and because our skilled teams manage themselves, you'll have more time to focus on running your business— resulting in lower total cost of ownership and a more robust bottom line.

When you make the responsible choice to work with SOLID, you’ll see our value in the following ways:

  • The world-class space you created will continue to look world-class

  • We clean more thoroughly, so we clean less often

  • We work hard to develop solutions to extend the life and beauty of your surfaces every time we clean

  • We take on the management of the maintenance process,valuebundle freeing you up to focus on more important business initiatives

  • We’ll train your maintenance and custodial staff in day-to-day surface care



At SOLID, state-of-the-art is standard. If the results of our service do not meet your complete satisfaction, we will keep working at no additional cost until they do. Our clean guarantee means best results, and no risk for you.



A Solid Choice

You worked with a team of skilled architects and designers to create a workplace that reflects your vision for the future. It showcases your commitment to the environment, it fills your employees with pride, and it gives your customers confidence in your work. To protect that great investment, trust the solutionists at SOLID.