Informing the Future of Facility Design

Concrete’s contemporary style is growing in its application commercially—from retail to corporate facilities, and its performance attributes and positive aesthetics make concrete a popular choice of the clean design trend across all market segments.

While concrete is gaining popularity, proven expertise in proper maintenance after installation isn’t easy to find. The common myth still prevails that concrete is “maintenance free” once in place. But the truth is, concrete requires regular maintenance and care just like your stone, carpet, or wood surfaces do — and part of the aesthetic decision to install concrete floors is the practical decision to properly maintain them.

Unless properly finished and maintained, your concrete floor might quickly deteriorate and cause disruptions and unnecessary repair costs. SOLID’s unique and proprietary concrete care program – a combination of polishing, staining, and proactive maintenance applications – ensures that the finish and structural integrity of your concrete floors are maintained over any life you specify.

Our formula is engineered to ensure long-term client satisfaction through improved appearance retention, enhanced useful life, and lowered cost of ownership. Our maintenance program will give you the highest level of performance and longest lasting beauty, all at the lowest cost over the life of the investment. Your design, your desired appearance, your timetable.


Pouring concrete is just the beginning of the story

You need an appropriate finishing for maximum performance.

In alliance with Prosoco, we are actively engaged to create any finish for your concrete floors. Taking advantage of our industry-leading concrete chemistries and cutting-edge equipment, our skilled craftsmen at SOLID can provide you with any type of finishing to offer customized aesthetic solutions to support your design and brand direction.

We’re passionate about design and the craftsmanship that’s essential to keeping it beautiful.



Flat appearance with no or very slight reflection and may have a low sheen.


Any level of reflection can be achieved.


Fine Aggregate
Medium Aggregate
Large Aggregate

The degree to which the surface of concrete is abraded


Concrete is not maintenance-free

Proper maintenance is necessary to preserve its quality aesthetics.

  • Polished, stained concrete has become an increasingly desired aesthetic.
  • The concrete industry today mirrors the natural stone industry of two decades ago— relying on a lot of costly, interruptive restorations rather than an ongoing, proactive plan of maintenance.
  • Concrete is often represented as maintenance-free, resulting in a growing dissatisfaction with end-users over the appearance, performance, and maintenance issues that inherently arise post-installation.
  • The frequent restoration model of care results in high costs and business disruptions.

The myth persists that concrete is maintenance-free post-installation, or that annualized maintenance costs are minimal. Concrete requires regular maintenance and care just as your stone, carpet, or wood surfaces do.

SOLID’s maintenance plan helps prevent the need for full-on restoration, and can extend an Appearance Retention Guarantee on most concrete floors.

We design and implement proactive plans of ongoing maintenance to ensure a constant level of positive appearance over time, and an extended useful life.

Poorly maintained concrete
can quickly deteriorate

Relying on frequent repair rather than proactive maintenance will diminish the functional lifespan of concrete floors, and cost you a lot more along the way.

With SOLID’s holistic maintenance program, your concrete floor will stay in its finest appearance and performance without disruptive and costly repairs.


Prevent damage from occurring to begin with

Selective Restoration: Properly maintained concrete floors rarely wear serious damages, because any minor detriments are restored on the spot as part of the maintenance program. This Selective Restoration is done behind-the-scenes while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about disruptive and costly restorations. And because this constant oversight is already an integrated part of our wholistic maintenance program, it all comes at no extra cost to you.

Emergency Repair: When there is high traffic and heavy loads traveling over your floors, concrete is often exposed to potential sudden damage, such as hefty cargo dropped on a floor or equipment scratching the surface. This is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but also dangerous to foot traffic. SOLID’s Emergency Repair can completely restore the affected areas with proven expertise and craftsmanship.

Full-On Restoration: Concrete can become damaged for various reasons. Poorly maintained floors are especially prone to premature detriments, but sometimes accidents simply happen. In certain cases, a Full-On Restoration is inevitable, and you need to re-install and re-finish a part of the concrete floor. When this occurs, look no further than the concrete experts at SOLID.

Selective Restoration in progress

Before and After Full-On Restoration

Prevent major damage
by continuous oversight

Full-On Restoration processes are costly and disruptive to business, yet in many cases can be prevented by continuous monitoring and oversight. SOLID’s maintenance program will handle the wear and tear on your concrete floors early on so that they won’t develop into major impairment.

Major damages that require Emergency Repair

Serious damages need
serious restoration

No one else offers the skill or the artistry necessary for invisibly repairing damaged concrete surfaces to their original luster. SOLID’s expert technicians are trained in the latest methods and technologies, and strive to exactly match existing architectural details, restoring their original beauty and charm.

Wear and tear, stains, or any other type of potential detriments are nipped in the bud.


In the Design of Your Investment

SOLID does not merely offer finishing, maintenance, and repair services. We honor the design of your space, and we expertly restore, refresh, and revive the architectural surfaces in it.

We’ll protect your investment, and spare you headaches.

This is the equation for maximum protection of your investment in beautifully designed concrete floors, and only SOLID can deliver the full equation with expertise and excellence.


Every situation SOLID encounters is different based on facility type, parameters of each facility, traffic patterns, and more. These program tiers represent an increased level of maintenance that includes chemical burnishing, and in some cases re-polishing where needed. We always establish a proactive approach to ensure that your floors maintain an appearance and performance level that is acceptable in a “like-new” state.

1. Basic

– 3 Year SHINE Warranty.

– Maintain facility to a level with budget consideration that will match factory warranty.

– Combination of mid-day and nightly cleans performed by in-house maintenance or janitorial firms, trained by SOLID.

– Testing: quarterly in first year, annually thereafter.

2. Advanced

– Five year SHINE warranty.

– Life extension maintenance.

– Combination of mid-day and nightly cleans performed by in-house maintenance or janitorial firm, trained by SOLID.

– Testing: quarterly in first year, annually thereafter.

3. Lifetime

– Lifetime guarantee of the shine and dimensional stability of the product.

– Restore-no-more advanced maintenance process.

– Combination of mid-day and nightly cleans performed by in-house maintenance or janitorial firm, trained by SOLID.

– Testing: quarterly in first year, annually thereafter.

After Service Consultation

All programs include quarterly and annual audits, and come with a complete review and adjustment of your maintenance plan as needed, per the demands of your flooring situation.