SOLID’s Healthy Company Culture
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SOLID’s Healthy Company Culture

As the Director of Human Resources for Commercial Flooring Solutions (CFS) and SOLID, Angela Stevenson says company culture exudes an energetic synergy. With a mutual respect weaving through each of their interactions, employees are like family – celebrating the good times, and working together through challenges toward a positive outcome.

“Everyone’s important, and not just a number,” Stevenson said, “from technicians up through the executive staff.”

Nearly three years into her role, she has made a significant impact by implementing and expanding HR functions, training and development, team building, and health and wellness programs. Keeping close tabs on the corporate pulse, Stevenson says employees are excited about the direction the company is going. 

That direction includes programs that the nationwide CFS/SOLID team (currently comprised of 239 employees across 11 locations*) can perform together outside of their daily routines. The quarterly programs help everyone get healthier, benefiting employees as well as the company, and provide stress relief that fosters teamwork.

SOLID's 2017 Quarterly Health and Morale Programs

Q1: A plank-off contest was held to see which employee could hold a plank the longest.  There was training leading up to the final event and the winners were Nina Del Rosario from the San Francisco , California office holding her plank for 5:03 and Will Rodas from the Los Angeles, California office holding his plank for 5:11. 

Q2: Six teams across all locations competed in groups for the May Steps Challenge and logged a total of 5,345,085 steps! Congratulations Team #WeEatStepsForBreakfast (Erick Gustafson, Angela Stevenson, Elizabeth Crippen and Jamie Hawkins) on your win with a whopping 1,398,005 steps. 

Q3 and Q4 are in the works. They will again be fun stress relievers, promoting healthy living and team building. 

Each fall, the company also sponsors a Health Fair in the larger corporate areas. During the events, community vendors offer perks like flu shots, yoga/stretching instruction, nutrition and job safety panels, blood pressure checks, and a massage chair.

The Charlotte, North Carolina team also recently participated in 24 Hours of Booty (otherwise known as the 24 Foundation), to help raise funds for cancer research and expenses associated with treating cancer in individual patients. The 16th annual 24-hour bike ride on the Booty Loop in Charlotte hosted over 1200 riders and raised funds for a variety of very worthy organizations.

This was Stevenson’s 5th year participating, and she had two co-leads help organize “Team SOLID Booty’s” involvement: Elizabeth Fields in Business Development, and Junior Project Manager Caroline Logan. Each has had family and friends touched by cancer in recent years. Stevenson’s childhood friend, Joan Gray, passed away on 9/4. She honored Gray by cycling 94 miles. Fields also honored a childhood friend, and Logan cycled to honor her mother.

“We all have different experiences that make us passionate about things,” said Stevenson. “Giving back to the community is extremely important.”

It was truly a group effort as technicians helped transport gear and supplies, Mike and Elizabeth Crippen, the company’s CEO and President, sponsored the team jerseys and registration, and everyone was supportive of the cause. The team fundraising goal was $5K. As Logan raised $4K on her own, the team ended up contributing $8,746! They biked over 360 miles, and walkers logged 12 miles. 

SOLID has over 35 years of experience in stone, metal, and wood maintenance and restoration. Our team is the finest in the industry, and we are aligned with the premier providers of equipment and chemicals in the world. When you choose SOLID, you are choosing a partnership with an organization of solutionists who believe that their business is to make yours better. At SOLID, state of the art is standard.

CFS and SOLID company-owned locations: Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, CA; Washington, DC and Northern VA; Greenville-Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston, SC; and South Florida and Miami, FL. Additional SOLID team headquarters around the country: Omaha, NE; St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Fairfield, NJ; Elmsford and New York, NY; Huntsville and Birmingham, AL; and Atlanta, GA.

For more information about SOLID, please call 844-2-B-SOLID and (844) 227-6543 or visit


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